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Elk Factory offers professional Elastic consultancy as a Premier Partner for implementing, optimizing, and maintaining Elastic solutions.

Our experienced & certified consultants work closely together to understand and address your specific needs and challenges. We have experience with all Elastic use cases, whether it’s observability, security, a search solution, or a custom solution (such as IoT) using Elastic as a data platform. We take on every challenge!

Since its start in 2012, we have been using Elastic as a technology in our solutions, closely following the evolution of Elastic and the solutions added to the Elastic portfolio. This has allowed us to build a close relationship and partnership with the Elastic organization. We possess in-depth expertise in the Elastic-stack, including Elasticsearch, Elastic Observability, Elastic Security, Kibana, Elastic Agents, Beats, and Logstash. As a result, our consultants are capable of delivering robust and flexible solutions.

We assist your organization in unlocking the full potential of Elastic, regardless of the scale or complexity of your challenge.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to learn how we can support your organization in maximizing the value of your data.


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