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From data to value
with Elastic & AI
Take the lead with your data.

Imagine the benefits of retrieving all relevant data at lightning speed, and discovering unexplored context, which will help you create insights into your data so you can make accurate business decisions.
Elk Factory is your Elastic partner for Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the Nordics. We help you design, integrate and maintain the perfect solutions!

Enterprise search
App search, site search, and workplace search
retrieve & gather your relevant data at lightning speeds.
Combine logs, statistics, and APM data, to create an overview and insights into all your digital assets.
Cyber security
One solution for your endpoint security and SIEM to prevent, detect, and respond to security threats

elastic stack specialists

We provide solutions in 3 specific areas, enterprise search, observability, and cyber security. These solutions are powered by the Elastic stack which is a powerful set of tools to search, collect, gather, and visualize your data.
You’ll be able to create better insights into the operations of your company which leads to a more efficient, effective, and reliable workflow, and better business decisions.

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