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enterprise search

The vast amount of data we consult or process is huge and keeps on growing. The diversity of unstructured content, data, and files is being kept in various systems and applications. Everyone has the same experience, where can I find that relevant information, I so desperately need?

Elastic Enterprise Search offers the solution. Either as a search box in your webshop or website and portal or throughout productivity applications like Sharepoint, OneDrive, Jira, or Dropbox. Elasticsearch unlocks even your ERP and CRM data. With Elastic Enterprise Search you implement the most sophisticated open search platform out there.

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    Advantages of


    Elastic uses linguistic models to provide a better search experience that prioritizes the most relevant results. Autocompletion, grammatical corrections, and personalized suggestions or recommendations are there to help the user experience.


    For Elastic, making a developer’s life simple is a mantra. A robust set of REST APIs offers access to all functionalities that Elastic Enterprise Search has to offer. Functionalities like language modules, filters, tracking clicks & many more.


    Equipped with machine learning and vector search, Elastic Enterprise Search is ready for the future. NLP models and vector search provide options like semantic and contextual clarifications, classifications, and sentiment analysis.

    secured SEARCH

    Thanks to user-role determined access rights, and integration of identity management and access management systems, you keep control over who has access to which data or information.

    every platform, any data

    Elastic offers the Flexibility to shape data the way you want it. Modern methods like web crawling, API, and JSON import will allow you to index and make data searchable, according to the needs of your company.

    ANALYSE and improve

    Insights into search behavior can be used to improve the performance of search engines.

    Who uses Elasticsearch

    Do you need a powerful and reliable search solution for your webshop, app or to retrieve your own data? Or do you want to implement an organization-wide search solution? Elk Factory is your partner to build an enterprise search solution with Elastic that offers simplicity, scalability, and speed. you get a plethora of options, relevant to every sector.

    In our digital world, customers expect quick and simple answers to their queries. No matter if they call customer service or search for information themselves to solve potential issues. A powerful search solution throughout your knowledge base is the foundation of excellent customer service.

    Organizations use a multitude of tools like Microsoft 365, Jira, Confluence, Slack, Github, Salesforce, and others. Everyone from your DevOps teams to sales & marketing or skilled laborers and administration. A central search solution that gathers all data, doesn’t only improve productivity, but also the user experience of your co-workers.

    A webshop or website without proper search functionality is unimaginable today. Personalized suggestions, linking product data with user profiles, geo-data, and a framework of out-of-the-box UI components for categories, filters, and more will take you straight to pole position.

    You’ve found us, now let’s find your data!
    Elk factory is the Elastic partner and knowledge hub for Belgium, so get in contact, and discover what we can do for you!