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the elastic stack?

The Elastic Stack is a group of open-source products for building fast, scalable, and reliable solutions. It is able to translate big amounts of data into valuable insights for organizations and protect it.

The Elastic Stack (previously called ELK stack) is ideal to build fast scalable and reliable solutions that are able to process large quantities of data to valuable insights.

Real-time features make sure that you get access to the right data at the right time. Elastic is able to search through the most complex databases in search of structured and unstructured data.

Elastic stack

the ELastic stack

Elasticsearch – The search and analytics engine where your data indexes are stored

Kibana – A web interface to explore and visualize data stored in Elasticsearch

Integrations – An advanced set of tools like Logstash and elastic agent to collect, process, and store logs from various sources.

the  biggest advantages of Elastic are:

1 platform

With the Elastic Stack, several solutions can be provided from the same single platform. From Enterprise Search, Observability, Log management, SIEM, Endpoint protection to IoT and smart buildings.

Data visualization

customizable dashboards to visualize and analyze data to gather and share new insights.


Elastic allows keeping all data, without compromise and no matter the volume of data.


Elastic is built to work with the systems of every company (public, private cloud, bare-metal, containerized, SAAS) and with the flexibility to adjust and grow along with the business.


Elastic has an attractive and transparent pricing model that’s simple to comprehend and doesn’t go overboard when data volumes rise. This means you don’t need to worry when sending all your data to Elastic.


Elasticsearch started out as an open-source project. The code is publicly available. Various components are free to be downloaded and used, which is already adequate for some use cases.

You’ve found us, now let’s find your data!
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