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Our approach? A tailored, on-the-job, personal Elastic Training where we work on your challenges together. We will teach you what needs to be done to tackle these challenges so you will gain hands-on insights and expertise. We bring the expertise, you bring the challenges!

Explore Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Elastic Agent, and Beats while addressing your specific industry challenges – healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and more. Our guidance helps you craft powerful Elasticsearch queries, design insightful Kibana dashboards, and streamline operations with Logstash pipelines.

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We provide personal, side-by-side training at your office on the Elastic challenges you determined.

No wasting time on commuting or going through various topics in training programs that are just not relevant to you.

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Training requires an investment in time and resources. We want to minimize this investment and convert it straight to results. We will start with the smallest challenges in Elastic you face and build up to the more complex ones. That’s how our training will result in an immediate return on investment for you and your company.

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Skip the pure theory, we’ll dive straight into the practicalities and address the challenges you face in your company together.

We’ll show you how to set up your Elastic Stack and help you with all the questions you have.

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