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CYBER security

Protect your enterprise against cyberattacks.

Elastic Security makes the life of cyber security teams easier by helping to prevent, discover and act on security breaches. It offers a wider coverage compared to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Elastic is an open platform that can be implemented in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid infrastructure.

Elk Factory has the expertise to implement the Elastic security platform in your business and help combat the constant waves of cyber attacks.

advantages of
Elastic security

AUTOMATICALLY Prevent threats

Elastic Security helps to prevent ransomware & malware.

The pre-built ML-supported anomaly detection helps to identify host & network alterations.

Elastic and the elastic community provide a continuous range of MITRE ATT&CK detection rules.

faster response times to SECURITY INCIDENTs

Analytics makes automatic evaluation possible for all incoming events.

Elastic SIEM & EES (or XDR) provide a complete overview of all activities and treats.

Powerful visualization options, graph analysis, and drill-down functionality to navigate from the reports to the detailed data.

Eliminate blind spots

All data (cloud, user, end-point, network, …) can be saved without compromise. Elastic security even offers support to Windows, Linux, and macOS devices.

You can also add new data with one-click integrations, thanks to community-built plug-ins and custom connectors.

who needs elastics
cyber security?

Are you looking for a reliable SIEM  solution that’s able to save years of data, and help protect every host? Elk Factory helps you with the powerful security solution of elastic.

Elastic Security offers the means to streamline the operational tasks of security analysts and helps track and prevent threats faster.

Elastic Security helps SOC managers executing the security strategy. It provide the means to prevent security breaches and to avoid reputational damage.

You’ve found us, now let’s find your data!
Elk factory is the Elastic partner and knowledge hub for Belgium, so get in contact, and discover what we can do for you!