ElasticOn 23

One day. Infinite possibilities.

Van 7 tot en met 9 maart 2023 vindt ElasticOn Global plaats. Het gratis online event waar elke Elastic fan naar uitkijkt en waar developers, thought leaders of opiniemakers vanuit alle hoeken van de wereld elkaar ontmoeten.

Ben je een developer, een architect, een Ops of DevOps, een SecOps of vervul je een rol als Manager, CTO, CIO of CDO? Dan is dit event de uitgelezen kans om kennis te maken met de kracht van de Elastic Stack, de oplossing voor Enterprise Search, Observability of Cybsersecurity.


Schrijf je hier in!


Elastic Premier Partner

Als Elastic Premier Partner helpt Elk Factory je met de juiste oplossing op maat. Van advies tot implementatie en support. Wij helpen jou!

Maak vrijblijvend een afspraak en ontdek de vele voordelen dat Elastic en Elk Factory je kan bieden!







ontdek de Onderwerpen

  • Keynote: Illuminate Your Possibilities
  • What’s Next?
  • Google Keynote: Data modernization is key for a successful digital business
  • Elasticsearch for Developers
  • Simplify operations with unified, intelligent, open observability
  • Modernizing Security Operations
  • Unleash the power of innovation and meet the game-changers behind Elastic’s success!
  • How a global digital commerce agency geared up for the holiday season by migrating to Elastic Cloud
  • Leveraging slow logs and ESRally for workload-specific performance benchmarks
  • Using Elastic to Power an Instant Checkout
  • Cost Effective Log Management at Scale with Elastic Observability
  • Elastic powers Informatica’s Observability, SIEM, and MLOps
  • Elastic Stack powering Informatica’s Observability, SIEM and MLOps
  • Elasticsearch @ Salesforce for Distributed Tracing
  • Elasticsearch and OpenSearch – not the same thing
  • Enabling real-time search and advanced reporting with Elastic
  • End to End Business Observability with Elastic APM
  • Evolution of the Elastic Agent
  • Finding the needle in the haystack: Root Cause Analysis with Elastic Observability AIOps
  • How Cisco transformed its enterprise search with AI and Elastic
  • Joins, pipes, and more with the new Elasticsearch Query Language
  • Motive partners with Elastic for data-driven security
  • Observability Independence with OpenTelemetry
  • Risk vs. threats: What you need to dynamically secure in today’s environment
  • Search in a serverless future
  • The performance benefits of journey mapping using Elasticsearch
  • Uncovering the Value of Microsoft Commercial Marketplace
  • Unified security operations and governance framework
  • Using Dense Vector search at the European Union Publications Office to Answer Questions – Google Sty
  • Using search effectively in taxonomies and correctly modeling your domain in Elasticsearch
  • Searching through large graphs at scale using Elasticsearch
  • Harnessing the power of Elasticsearch for e-commerce
  • Building Great Search Experiences
  • Getting Started with OpenTelemetry
  • Up and Running with ECK
  • Monitoring the applications of different customers
  • Using Ingest Pipeline to Manage Index Names
  • The Horus Project
  • Benchmarking with ESRally
  • Developing runtime fields using the Painless scripting language
  • Natural Language Processing with the Elastic Stack
  • Frugal engineering with Elastic
  • Recherche dans des grands graphes avec Elasticsearch
  • Assurer la scalabilité d’un moteur de recherche pour des milliers de magasins en ligne
  • Microsoft Partner Workshop: Building Intelligent Geospatial Apps with Elastic on Azure
  • Capture the Flag with Elastic Security
  • Elasticsearch : et si votre base de données était un moteur de recherche ?
  • Etat de l’art d’Elasticsearch & PHP en 2023