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Getting the most out of Generative AI with Elastic.

Generative AI, or Gen AI, is reshaping the technology landscape. Just like earlier breakthroughs in mainframe, cloud computing, and mobile did. While conversations often revolve around revenue growth and business objectives, the potential for Gen AI to benefit the public sector and private sector is profound.
Semantic search and Gen AI enable tailored experiences for customers and employees, generating economic value projected to exceed $240 billion.
Read on and explore how Gen AI, in conjunction with the Elastic Stack, can unlock transformative capabilities in the sectors of government, education, and technology.

Real-world Gen AI use cases

Gen AI innovations, particularly in semantic search, present a myriad of opportunities for the public and private sectors. From personalized responses for students, citizens, and customers to streamlining workflows for employees.

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The challenge however lies in leveraging internal data to ensure relevance, accuracy, and security.


Your Data + Generative AI = Context-Rich Answers

The integration of Gen AI with private data is crucial for achieving mission value. While publicly available Gen AI applications are limited to internet data and prone to inaccuracies, the Elastic Stack platform ensures privacy-first Gen AI experiences. By prioritizing security, delivering hyper-relevant content, and reducing hallucinations, Elastic enables real-time, scalable, and secure Gen AI applications.


The Elastic Generative AI Value Proposition

To create business value with Gen AI, leveraging proprietary data is essential. Gen AI, using context windows, integrates with unstructured, structured, or semi-structured data to deliver highly relevant and contextual responses. ElasticSearch, trusted by over 50% of Fortune 500, ensures privacy-first Gen AI experiences.

  • Prioritizes Security and Confidentiality: ElasticSearch implements clearance-level access, removing private information.
  • Delivers Hyper-Relevant, Reliable Content: Ensures the most relevant content from proprietary data informs Gen AI responses.
  • Reduces GAI Hallucinations: Infrequent inaccuracies as ElasticSearch uses mission-specific information.
  • Lower Costs: By providing information most relevant to queries, ElasticSearch minimizes compute and storage resources.
  • Unified Platform for AI Apps: ElasticSearch offers an end-to-end platform for building and delivering AI search applications.
  • Real-time Guidance: The Elastic AI Assistant aids security teams in tasks like alert investigation, incident response, and query generation.
  • Maintains Security and Confidentiality: ElasticSearch recognizes and implements appropriate access, removing private information.



In the dynamic landscape of AI-driven search results, whether or not combined with a Gen AI’s question/answer solution, the synergy between ElasticSearch and Gen AI unlocks unprecedented capabilities.
Whether serving the public sector or reshaping experiences in the private sector, the collaboration between data and Generative AI is a powerful force driving innovation and efficiency. Elastic’s commitment to security, relevance, and cost-effectiveness positions it as a cornerstone in the transformative journey of Generative AI.