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Elastic 8.6

Elastic 8.6 summary

Last week the Elastic Stack version 8.6 was released. Bringing some new and interesting features to the stack. We’ve summed up the most remarkable ones.

Elastic Observability

For Elastic Observability, the dependencies view in APM is critically important. It gives the possibility to capture and analyze databases, queues, .. that an application interacts with.

Elastic Observability 8.6 includes a new curated user journey that leads site reliability engineers (SREs) directly to problem areas with the application dependencies.

There is an out-of-the-box integration with Opsgenie available. Alerts generated in Elastic can be seamlessly sent over to Opsgenie for efficient incident response and management.


Elastic Security

Elastic 8.6 holds an expansion of the Elastic Agent integrations for popular security-related sources such as AWS Inspector, Box, Darktrace, F5 BIG-IP, Google Workspace Alert Center and DLP, InfoBlox, LastPass, Microsoft 365 Defender, PingOne, and Trend Micro.

It also expands its set of pre-build rules and features interesting additions. For example, the technical preview of a new automation capability, in which investigation guides are no longer limited to text-based suggestions on how to investigate alerts, but also include interactive OS-query searches to gather additional contextual information.

Investigations are faster with an improved analyst workflow for investigating multiple alerts in parallel, and an enhanced Cloud Security session viewer that displays file and network alerts to provide additional context for quicker investigations.



Elastic Search

Elastic Enterprise Search introduces new tools to implement and manage natural language processing (NLP) across search indices, accelerating both time-to-value and higher-quality search results.

The Enterprise Search Content view gives you the possibility to see the status of your syncs across your search-optimized Elasticsearch indices and provides additional insight into the health of their connectors and the status of syncs. View status, completion times, and more in one simplified view.

In Elastic 8.6 the Elastic web crawler provides an additional scheduling option for customers needing to avoid specific time windows. This is an especially useful option when crawling a website with known high-traffic time frames and safeguarding its performance.

For a full and detailed summary, visit the Elastic blog post

And as always, we’re happy to help with any questions related to Elastic.