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XDR or
Elastic endpoint security

Elastic has an XDR (extended detection and response) solution called Elastic Endpoint Security (EES which is a security analytics platform that provides a comprehensive view of the security posture of an organization by collecting and analyzing data from endpoints, networks, and cloud services.

EES uses machine learning and advanced analytics to detect and investigate security threats across the entire attack surface. It provides you with the ability to correlate and contextualize security data from different sources, enabling them to quickly and easily identify and respond to threats.

EES also includes features such as endpoint protection, incident response workflows, and threat intelligence, which can help security teams to detect and respond to threats more quickly and effectively. Additionally, EES can integrate with other security tools, such as SIEMs and firewalls, to provide a more holistic view of the security posture of the organization.

Overall, Elastic’s EES provides an XDR solution that aims to improve an organization’s ability to detect and respond to security threats by providing a unified view of the security posture and streamlining incident investigation and response.