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Protect your organization against today’s rapidly evolving cyber threats!

Better prevention, faster investigation & more effective measures, thanks to the complete solution with SIEM, Endpoint Security, & Cloud Security.

What’s included in Elastic Security?


Detect, investigate, and respond to evolving threats. Harness data at cloud speed and scale. Heighten host visibility and control. Modernize security with a unified, open SIEM solution.

Endpoint Security

Elastic Security for endpoint, prevents ransomware and malware, detects advanced threats, and arms responders with vital investigative context. All on an open platform, for infrastructure and hosts everywhere.

Cloud Security

Protect your cloud deployments with rich visibility into your cloud posture. Gain runtime protection for cloud and container workloads. Protect, investigate, and respond — all within a comprehensive solution.


With the introduction of the Elastic AI Assistant, the game is changing. This advanced tool integrates Artificial Intelligence, empowering cybersecurity professionals, and enabling them to tackle complex challenges with unprecedented efficiency and precision.
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“NIS2” stands for the “Network and Information Systems Directive 2.” It is a European legislation designed to enhance the security of critical digital infrastructure and bolster resilience against cyberattacks.

NIS2 mandates that providers of essential services and digital services implement appropriate measures to prevent and manage cyber threats. This legislation represents a significant stride in improving digital resilience within the European Union and mitigating the consequences of cyber attacks.

Our offer

Cybersecurity starter pack
Your basic package for Elastic’s cybersecurity implementation, including analytics and expandable with AI support
*Excl. Elastic Subscription

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