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observability on a budget

Save with observability

During times of high inflation, companies are under pressure to save costs and use their resources more efficiently. They often do this by reducing their workforce and overlooking to evaluate the resources and expenses used in their IT environment. This can also free up significant budgets, allowing crucial personnel to remain on board, and stimulating the company’s further growth.


An observability platform is the perfect tool to help with this.

Observability is an approach for monitoring and managing complex systems such as software applications and IT infrastructure.
Unlike traditional monitoring solutions that mainly focus on detecting problems after they occur, observability provides deeper insights into the internal workings of systems. It is a valuable approach for companies that want to know how their systems work and how they can be improved.

Did you know that an observability platform can help your company save money and resources? Here are some important ways observability can help your company:


Avoid downtime

With an observability platform, you can quickly address and resolve issues before they grow into major problems. The platform provides real-time insights into your system’s performance and alerts you immediately when issues occur, helping you avoid costly downtime of your infrastructure.


Use your IT resources more efficiently

An observability platform can help you identify inefficiencies in your systems. By gaining deep insights into your system’s performance, you can identify processes or tasks that consume too many resources. Once these are identified, you can make the necessary changes, such as adjusting configurations or identifying new technologies, to improve your system’s performance and save resources.


Prevent problems

An observability platform can also help implement predictive maintenance. By continuously monitoring your system’s performance, the platform can identify trends that indicate potential problems in the future. This allows you to take preventive measures before problems occur, avoiding repair costs and downtime.


Develop more smoothly

An observability platform can help improve your development processes. By monitoring your system’s performance, you can streamline the development of new features and applications, saving you time and money in developing new products and services.


Improve customer satisfaction

An observability platform can also contribute to better customer satisfaction. By improving your system’s performance, you can provide a better user experience and keep customers satisfied. This can help you retain customers for longer and generate more revenue for your company.


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